You Matter Campaign


The CAVE is excited about launching the YOU MATTER CAMPAIGN it’s an opportunity for everyone to play a part in impacting the lives around you. We firmly believe in changing the world around you with one statement “YOU MATTER” this hold true to the many lives that have been touched in our programs.

Kids Matter: life skills classes provide mentoring & acceptance to run the gamut from suicide prevention, run away issues, abandonment & abuse issues, to teaching basic computer skills, youth parenting classes, and money management.

Parents Matter: multiple workshops cover parental skills, anger management, communication enhancement, and GED programs for those who become stimulated to obtain certification.

Seniors Matter: senior citizens receive personal invitations to volunteer, tutor, train and impart to the youth and children, according to their positive life experienc

Community Matters: Instilling the value of giving to their community strongly projects hands on implementation and further underscores the concept that they can make a difference in the lives of others. In this way, we are teaching people from the most basic to the most celebrated that truly … “You Matter!”