Become a YARN Sponsor

Many persons ask “If I Want to Help, What Does YARN Need?” These are some
of the projects and operative functions of YARN, and we need your help!

Project “Impact-A-Life”

As A YARN sponsor, you make a tremendous difference through your giving! Your”Impact-A-Life” investment changes the life of a 21st Century youth in some powerful ways! Your gifts allow youth who cannot afford the blessings of YARN … to come, participate, and receive the help and support that is needed so badly in their lives. You can give purpose and hope, where none existed … before YOU came! YOU can make a kid “MATTER”!


We provide enrichment programs that are targeted to the specific needs of our community. We seek to service the needs of families, youth, and senior citizens. We will provide leadership training programs, new Parenting programs, mentoring programs, and computer training programs for seniors. You can make a difference by donating to the selected program of your choice. Your funds will be directed specifically to the area that your heart desires to SEE enriched. Your gift will Re-Store, Re-Educate, and Re-Empower, and YARN will SEE that the ball keeps rolling!


There are many children and youth who are in dire need of financial assistance in their quest to join YARN. Your gift of $60 covers a full week for a child or youth to attend our programs. Your gift of $240 will sponsor a full month of academics, mentoring, learning, increasing technology skills, snacks, activities, and so much more. You may select the gender or the age of the child or youth, you desire to sponsor.


Restoring our community is our number one goal. You can make a tremendous difference just by giving to a specific event. Whether Family Movie Night, Arts & Crafts Fair, our Annual School Supply Drive, bringing in various motivational speakers, community leaders, sports figures, and educators … we captivate our children and youth by hosting special events, and periodically presenting a myriad of excellent presenters. Your gift will be an investment!


There are so many costs that go into ensuring the success of this organization. As we are making a difference, there are different needs that must be met, to further secure our success. Some needs include operational costs, utility expenses, food/beverages/snacks, art supplies, technology needs, office furniture, seating, back doors for the site, book shelves, office supplies, paper goods, shelving units for storage, and so much more. The seed you invest can be directed towards a specific purpose, as you desire and indicate.

Sponsor-A-Brick … in the Foundation of YARN!

Our #1 need is to meet the budgetary requirements to remain solvent. We are looking for: Community Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors, Educational Sponsors, Monthly Sponsors, and Religious Sponsors. It takes a minimum of $50.00 per day to help us keep our doors open. For now, we are open three days per week. As increase comes, so will our availability increase. There are other functions and services we plan to provide as the monies are presented and established. Please call the YARN Office at (708) 899-9900 for further inquiries.