About Us

Our three-fold mission as YARN Foundation, Inc. is to Re-Store the fiber of our community, Re-Educate the family, Re-Empower the youth of today by revolutionizing their mindsets and atmospheres, to create stronger unity in our Community, so they can SEE!

YARN Foundation, Inc. is a multicultural community development based organization established to help, guide and care for youth and families of the 21st century by offering constructive, structured and rewarding programs and activities for all ages.

Our goal is to assist in the alleviation and ensure the steady decrease of youth suicides, alcohol, drug, and substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and school dropout rate that is plaguing our youths today.

  • We will offer a GED readiness program, life skill, job training and case management programs.
  • We will offer one-on-one and group style mentoring programs, and family counseling.
  • We are working to establish a strong scholarship program, to engage more youth in the educational process.
  • We will offer transitional housing for at-risk youth, homeless youths, single and teen mothers and fathers, and provide a pregnancy crisis center.

One of our primary goals is to collaborate with organizations and businesses within the regional area, to encourage youth to pursue positive direction in daily life experiences; empowering them to advance forward and reach achievable goals.

While the corporation will not operate a business or vocational school, we will have an educational center for after school programs, family and parenting services.

We desire to create a place for youth to be able to express and release their creativity through the arts, while being supervised by caring adults that can further develop their creativity in a healthy, nurturing environment.

Our Story
The genesis of the YARN Foundation, Inc. was co-conceived by John and Deborah Anthony, President and Vice President of the Executive Board of Directors. Having received the vision of YARN they have worked, studied, researched, labored, and logged thousands of hours imparting into the lives of youth to reach a point of culmination in this, the year of the YARN launching, 2011.

Together, John and Deborah have worked side by side in ministry and in service to youth, for the past 10 years. Both native Chicagoans, they possess an understanding and the experience that comes from being inner city youths. Their union produced three wonderful children, and they continue to parent many other children and youth throughout the community. They currently reside in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

John uses his sensitivity and compassion from his personal years spent on inner-city streets, and in gang atmospheres. He uses his past to secure better futures for youth. He imparted tremendous deposits into the lives of the young people who came to the Safer Foundation, seeking a better way of life. He later joined the Sheriff’s Office in Kendall County, where he actively serves the community.

As a consultant in Operations Management and a Corporate Management Consultant for over 11 years, Deborah’s MBA proved to be a valuable asset in her destiny. Merging the fields of community and corporate together, she also birthed a strategic ministry for young women between the ages of 10 to 24, “Chosen Daughters of Destiny, Inc.” As a skilled leader, Deborah began a successful non-profit organization that tripled its’ growth, in less than three years.

Developing youth-based programs that will focus on adolescents through young adults, John and Deborah are prepared to gear and steer our youth in more positive directions. They are modeling programs and providing strategic blueprints to assist the youth in developing new designs and structures for their lives.

John and Deborah have worked in community ventures, church and religious organizations, non-for-profits, and educational outreaches to aid other agencies, helping to improve the lives of youth. Their drive and skill are equally married to their commitment and finishing grace. Many boats leave the shore, but never arrive at their point of purpose. John and Deborah are known for finishing what they start.

John’s prolific passion for youth mixed with Deborah’s quest for excellence will indeed garner and secure for them all of the things that are needed to fulfill this vision of their life’s work. They are determined to assist youth through various mediums of community outreach. This is precisely why John and Deborah so genuinely appreciative every gesture, every donation, and every act of kindness. It is all being accomplished solely for the purpose of benefiting the lives of youth, to launch them into greater measures of fullness, to fulfill their personal destiny.